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Artists, Labels, Publicists, Agencies, Managers


Remove the guesswork and the legwork. Upload your music or create a playlist. Customize your release. Choose from our lists of verified destinations and send it directly to the people that really matter, both here and around the world.

  • Professional

    Positively impact media & the industry by designing and sending your release professionally.

  • Targeted & Trusted

    Deep, up-to-date media and industry lists to get your music to the real decision makers via the same trusted source who already deliver for the Grammys, Oscars and the worlds biggest record labels. Or build your own custom list!

  • Cost effective

    Only a fraction of the cost of packing and sending physical samples.

  • Lightning fast & Secure

    Release can be watermarked and is instantly delivered. No worrying about the future of your generic, unprotected streaming platform.

  • Reach & Impact

    Augment your media campaign by delivering your music to film, TV and advertising agencies, University campuses and retail outlets for playlist consideration.

  • Superior Reporting

    No more shots in the dark, see who has listened to or downloaded your music. And much, much more. Analytics and strategic support for planning your next tour or PR campaign.

  • Experienced Support

    Don’t just hit ‘send’ - consult with our experienced team to build a distribution campaign for your music and build strategic campaigns around your reporting.

  • International Opportunities

    Deliver music to media and industry in the US, Canada, Asia and Europe with full strategic support.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    No more CDs, packaging or envelopes.

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Radio, TV, Press, Bloggers, Promoters


Simplified, streamlined and organised. New releases sent directly to your inbox, stored in one cloud-based library and customised to your needs with up-to-date details on each release. Save time, space and stress.

  • One Destination

    Preview, download, organise and manage international and Australian music releases in one place.

  • Cost Free

    Once you're registered and cleared, the service is free to all media - from traditional linear media such as radio and TV to bloggers, vloggers and influencers.

  • Time Saving

    Reports show the sender when you have listened or downloaded reducing inquisitive emails & calls. Release details and contact information are up to date and easily found.


    Well organised tagging, playlists and our monthly Unsigned Hub Highlight means you can easily find the best new local music before the rest of the world.


    Streams. WAV or MP3 files. Choose what suits.

  • Go Mobile

    Fully accessible via mobile or tablet. Listen to music where and when it suits you.


    Sign up & don’t miss out on some of the worlds hottest releases delivered as HDD Exclusives.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    No more stacks of CDs, packaging and press releases.

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